Opportunity International

Silver Chef and its people support Opportunity International Australia (Opportunity) indirectly through the provision of office space and communication services and directly through numerous fundraising and awareness enhancing initiatives. Allan English, Silver Chef Limited’s Founder and Executive Chairman, through his personal participation and that of the English Family Foundation (which is now the largest shareholder in the Company), is a major supporter of Opportunity.

Opportunity provides small loans to families living in poverty, predominantly to mothers. Silver Chef on the other hand provides equipment funding to small business operators across many sectors in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Silver Chef and Opportunity are aligned in purpose and share many values. Silver Chef’s success, in part, benefits Opportunity and in turn Opportunity provides Silver Chef with a sense of purpose far greater than just a corporate purpose. This purpose is an essential component of Silver Chef’s success and in turn provides our people with a purpose to achieve what they do. Opportunity is a non-profit organisation that uses a sustainable approach to solve the problem of poverty. Rather than a hand-out, they provide people living in poverty with small loans (microfinance) to help them start or grow their own small businesses. This enables them to earn regular incomes so they no longer have to struggle to afford food, clean water, proper shelter or an education for their children.

With more than 40 years’ experience working with the poor, Opportunity International Australia is a leading provider and pioneer of socially focused microfinance and support services. Part of the global Opportunity International Network (with support partners in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Germany), they are currently providing a way out of poverty for millions of people in more than 20 developing countries around the world.

More information about Opportunity International Australia’s contribution to developing countries can be found at www.opportunity.org.au